Create your ideal product with our bespoke fertiliser manufacturing process,supplied in your own packaging and delivered precisely where and when needed.
Own Brand Labelling and Packaging
Custom Formulation
Technical and Testing Services
From a simple, sturdy bag to get safely from A to B, to a multicoloured ambassador for your brand. We understand how important your packaging is.
We specialise in working with our customers to manufacture and supply unique fertiliser formulations and we do this with absolutely no minimum order quantity!
Our advisors are ready to listen to your needs and work with you to develop the right package of product and service.
● Custom labels are FREE
● Label design service
● Show off your logo
● Differentiate your range
● Build your brand
● Minimal lead time
● Runs of any size
● Technical advice
● Create unique products
● Save money with focused fertiliser design
● Thousands of formulations
● Excellent customer service and after-sales support
● Independant laboratory analysis
● FACTS qualified advisers
● Product matching service
● Years of experience in the turf care industry
Granular Fertiliser
Liquid Fertilisers
Soluble Fertilisers
Wetting Agents
Thousands of granular fertiliser NPK formulations, controlled release fertiliser, slow release organic fertilisers, biostimulants and micronutrients for top quality turf, agricultural and horticultural applications.
Liquid Fertilisers carefully formulated for foliar feeding, conditioning tonics, root drenches and supplementary feeds for turf, crops, hydroponics, green walls, fertigation and more.
Water Soluble Fertilisers made to your requirements for quick and reliable tank mixing, spraying and fertigation. Including a large range of NPK fertilisers, micro nutrients and stabilised nitrogen.
Wetting Agents to combat ‘dry patch’, improve turf uniformity and stress resistance.
They increase water infiltration to the root zone, leaf wettability and condition of the soil.
Humphry Davy can also manufacture spreadable liquid fertilisers to a bespoke formulation for you.
We can manufacture a huge range of N-P-K products.
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